The title of the doctoral dissertation (DSc) has been registered by the Supreme Attestation Commission at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan with registration numbers of B2019.4.DSc/B108

The dissertation has been carried out at the Institute of Zoology.

03.00.06 – Zoology

The abstract of the dissertation is posted in three languages (uzbek, russian and english (resume)) on the webpages of the Scientific Council ( and on the website of “ZiyoNet” Information- educational portal (

Scientific consultant:   Akhmedov Madaminbek Hatamovich
                                                Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

Official opponents:   Abdullaev Ikrom Iskandarovich
                                           Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

                                        Izzatullaev Zuvaidullo Izzatullaevich
                                          Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

                                        Khurramov Alisher Shukurovich
                                          Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Leading organization:  Gulistan State University

The dissertation will be defended on « 17» december 2020 at 1400 hours at a meeting of the Scientific Council DSс.02/30.12.2019.В.52.01 at the Institute of Zoology and the National University of Uzbekistan (Address: 232b, Bogishamol St., Tashkent, 100053, Republic of meetings of the Institute of Zoology Tel: (+99871) 289-04-65, fax: (+99871) 262-10-60; e-mail: