Zoological collection founded in 1935, it is a unique collection that includes exhibits in bone, skin, whole, collection kept in alcohol, dry, and preparation form. Today, the Zoology collection includes 7 unique collections, including:

  1. Entomological collection;
  2. Ornithological collection;
  3. Herpitological collection;
  4. Ichthyology Collection;
  5. Hydrobiological collection;
  6. Mammal collection;
  7. Parasitological collection.

photo_2021-02-17_18-27-501 kapalak

Entomological collection.

qush 2 Qush 1

Ornithological collection.

IMG_9713 IMG_9686

Herpitological collection.

IMG_9718 IMG_9683

Ichthyology Collection.

IMG_9691 IMG_9689

Hydrobiological collection.

IMG_9707 IMG_9694

Mammal collection.