The title of the doctoral dissertation (PhD) has been registered by the Supreme Attestation Comission at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan with registration numbers of B2022.3.PhD/B441.

03.00.06 – Zoology

The dissertation has been carried out at the Institute of Zoology

The abstract of the dissertation in three languages (Uzbek, Russian and English (resume)) has been posted on the webpage Scientific Council ( and on the information-educational portal «ZiyoNet» (

Scientific supervisor: Mirzayeva Gulnora Saidorifovna

Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor

Official opponents: Medetov Maxsetboy Japaqovich

Doctor of Biological Sciences, senior researcher scientist

Muminov Boqijon Alimovich

PhD of Biological sciences, associate professor

Leading organization: Tashkent State Pedagogical Univeristy

The defence of the dissertation will take plase on 14 march 2023 in 1400 at the meeting of Scientific Council DSc. 02/30.12.2019.B.52.01 at the Institute zoology (Address: 232b Bogishamol Str.,
Tashkent, 100053 Uzbekistan, Conference hall of the Institute of Zoology. Tel: (+99871) 289-04-65;
fax: (+99871) 289-10-60; E-mail: