Laboratory direction

The scientific direction of the Republic of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Zoology the Laboratory of antiparasitic preparations is directly related to the problems of the national economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The laboratory conducts scientific research works on protection of pests from the pest control system in the Republic, which has beneficial insects, bacteria, viruses,  selective action chemicals and plant pest control.In the future, the protection of plants against pests should be based on the development and introduction of promising biological preparations on microorganisms (viruses and fungi).

The main objectives of the laboratory are based on the study of biological efficacy of new prospective insecticides and peritroidpreparations against pests. Ecologically harmless methods and means of detecting harmful biodiversity of insect pests and populations, cultural historical monuments and structures of state significance are detected.

The main directions of the laboratory include identifying the socio-economic damage from plant pests, the termite and other xyophobic insects to the state-owned facilities.

The scientifically-practical recommendations developed by the Republic of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Zoology are used to protect plants from pests from agricultural production.Increasing the yield of agricultural crops is reflected in the productivity of livestock.

In the laboratory, traditional, fundamental, practical and innovative trends of scientific research are established:

development of modern state of plant pest management in Uzbekistan and ways of controlling their number;

development of harmonized methods of protection of agricultural crops from pests. Development of new “antitermitis” for termitis of Anacanthotermes generation in Uzbekistan and methods of wrestling them.

Laboratory achievements in the world

Laboratory of antiparasitic preparations staff in collaboration with Russian scientists have found that biodiversity-friendly biogas plants based on microorganisms that are likely to be used in biological control of crop crops are highly effective against pests.

In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 02.02.2012, № 27 “On the strengthening of the fight against terrorism and elimination of their harm”, the RSE “Republican Center for Termitis Control”.

Highly effective pest and pathogenic feeding on pest insects do not damage the environment and human health.

For the first time in the world, technology has been developed for the production and use of toxic fodder preparations for Anacanthotermes thermodynamics, which are used to protect historic monuments, homes and strategic objects from termites.Every year, the Center produces more than 6,000 pesticides and regional seminars in the regions of the country.Every year, the institute’s staff actively participates in Innovative Ideas Technology and Projects Fair.Intellectual Property Agency received 3 patents and certificates.

For the first time in the world, technology of preparation and production of pesticide feedstuff against termites of Anacanthotermes generation was created.

Regular testing of new promising biological and chemical products against crop pest control is carried out.

Laboratory of antiparasitic preparations staff actively collaborates with a number of foreign countries: Montana, Davis (USA); Ben-Gurion (Israel) universities; European Bionic Laboratory; ARS, SRRC, USDA, CRDF (USA); CABI Bioscience, Swiss Scientific Center; Moscow State University (Russian, MGU) Novosibirsk University (Russia), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and others.

Republican and foreign grant number and name (2007-2017) Republican grants (2007-2017)

  1. А-11-124 «Разработать методы размножения и применения энтомофагов и энтомопатогенных бакуловирусов для биоконтроля тутовой огневки в системе интегрированной борьбе с ней» (2006-2008 г.г.).
  2. А-11-058 «Разработка эффективной системы борьбы против термитов, представляющих угрозу жилым помещениям, историческим памятникам, сооружениям и другим строениям в Узбекистане» (2006-2008 г.г).
  3. А-11-029 «Разработка экологически чистых методов защиты хлопчатника на основе использования эффективных ресурсосберегающих технологий» (2006-2008 г.г).
  4. ФА-ФЗ-Т162 «Разработка научных основ управления численностью популяции термитов» (2007 – 2011 г.г.).
  5. ФА-А10-Т037 «Создание перспективных экологически безвредных средств и способов регулирующих численность вредных насекомых и клещей культурных и интродуцированных растений» (2009-2011 г.г).
  6. ИКБ-10-07 «Технология получения отравляющих приманок против термитов» (2009-2010 г.г).
  7. И5-ФА-0-39854 «Технология повышения устойчивости древесных материалов против термитов» (2012-2013 г.г).
  8. А9-ФА-0-18533 «Современное состояние вредителей основных культур Узбекистана и разработка способов управления их численностью» (2012-2014 г.г.).
  9. И5-ФА-0-96815 «Создание и внедрение усовершенствованных отравленых приманок в борьбе с термитами» (2014-2015 г.г.).
  10. Ф5-ФА-0-14830 «Исследование популяционной экологии и функционирования комплекса насекомых-ксилофагов и их приспособительных механизмов» (2012 – 2016 г.г.).
  11. П3-2014-0903122751 «Оценка состояния популяции клопов (Hemiptera: Miridae) в хлопково-люцерновых биоценозах Узбекистана и разработка методов регуляции их численности» (2014 – 2016 г.г.).
  12. ВА-ФА-Ф5-011 «Ортептероидные насекомые Узбекистана (Insecta: Orthopteroidea)» (2017 – 2020 г.г.).

Foreign grants

  1. P-122 (UNTTS) “Development of strategies to wrestling Turkestan termite, which is the main source of Central Asian cultural heritage” (01.10.2003-31.09.2006)
  2. P-224 (UNTTS) “Strengthening biodiversity and epidemiological surveillance to wrestling malaria in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan” (01.11.2005-31.10.2008)
  3. UZB2-31002-TA-08 (CRDF) “Development of strategies to combat Turkestan termite, which is the main source of Central Asian cultural heritage” (01.04.2008-31.03.2011)

Laboratory staff


Axmedova Zuxra Yuldashevna
Head of the laboratory, A senior research fellow.
Methods of biological sterilization against cotton pests, bakuloviruses of harmful lepidopteras in Uzbekistan.


Mansurxodjaeva Maxmuda Usmanovna
Senior scientist, candidate of biological science.
Ecology and biology of insects, including climactic trees and shrubs.


Xashimova Muhabbat Xamidullayevna
Biology and ecology of insects, biological and chemical methods of struggle against crops and pests and thermites.


Ganiyeva Zumrad Abduhakimovna
Biosecurity, biology and ecology of temies and trophic connections.


Rustamov Qaxramon Jo’rabaevich
Methods of biological and chemical combat against  cotton, cereal pests and locusts, biosecondensation, protection of timber materials from pests, biology and ecology of the Colorado beetle, methods of combating it.


Xalillaev Sherzod Alimboevich
PhD), scientist.
The pests of grain crops in our country, including the harmful hybrid and biological bases of the fight against it.


Musaev Dilshod Muhammadjonovich
Biology, ecology of harmful suitcases of cotton, methods of struggle against them.


Nurjanov Fozilbek Allabergenovich
Biosecurity, Biology and ecology of termites, microbial. Therapy.


Arslonova Sevara Karimjonovna
Laboratory assistant

A list of articles published in journals with implications. (2012-2017)

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Prospective directions of the laboratory

In future, the laboratory will conduct research to study the biological properties of the most important species of harmful insecticides in agrobiocenosis of Uzbekistan.Develops harmonized methods to protect agricultural crops from pests.

It is planned to develop the theoretical foundations of the use of various microorganisms used for the management of harmful and beneficial insects, as well as plant-based biologically active substances in the republic’s entomophore.

Laboratory issues directly contribute to solving problems in the national economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. As well as improved scientific and practical recommendations are reflected in the protection of crop protection in crop protection and pest management.